1 John 3:3-10 Sermon (Msg 16) | Children Of God — Children Of The Devil | Sept. 12, 2021

September 13th, 2021

In this expositional sermon, Pastor Andrew Coleman continues a series in the book of 1 John. 1 John 3: 3-10 describes the markers that differentiate children of God from children of the devil. 
Links to Sermon Notes & Answers:

➤Sermon Notes (Blank): https://a3eff4fa-00bf-48f9-b081-6bad7...
➤Sermon Notes (Answers): https://a3eff4fa-00bf-48f9-b081-6bad7...
In this video:

0:00 Intro
2:05 Scripture reading of 1 John 3: 3-10
8:00 Important background information
28:17 Important grammatical understanding
34:13 Three reasons true Christians do not habitually practice sin 
55:58 The Word of God, through the Holy Spirit, gives new birth to sinners
59:57 Key questions for reflection & application
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